Maintenance work will be completed on Wednesday 28th February 2024 between 09:00 – 14:00 
An mass email was sent to customer on Friday 1st March 2024



What work is being carried out – During severe storms in December 2023 a pole on one of our masts was damaged. Our engineers completed a full repair in December last year, however we are now going to replace the mast in full.


Why was the mast not replaced sooner – There have been a number of storms impacting the area in early 2024 it was not deemed safe enough for our engineers to complete a replacement at the time. The repair work to the impacted pole was successful and as such the mast in question is and has been fully operational, this has posed no issue to the network. We are replacing this as it is best practice to do so, this will also allow us to make changes to this mast to try our best to avoid another incident during a storm.



Will this work impact my service – When a mast is being replaced such as this, customers may experience a drop in service or a slower connection while this work is completed. This is due to the service being transmitted via a wireless signal. If our engineers are replacing a mast, signal to devices in the area may be blocked while this work is completed this will cause an intermittent or loss of connection. We try and inform customers of planned work in advance, however depending on the work required it is not always possible to provide advanced notice beyond 24/48 hours due to the task and risks associated with this task, ie weather conditions.  Our engineers always endeavour to complete work such as this as quickly and safely as possible.



Monday, March 4, 2024

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