Scottish Power Outage - Ayr & surrounding areas

Scottish Power Outage - Ayr & surrounding areas 

We've been notified there is a powercut in Ayr and the surrounding areas. For further details please visit the Scottish power website. Services are transmitting to these areas however, customers in the affected areas will have no internet service due to this power outage.

2nd Aug 2023
Service Outage - KA4, KA5, & KA6 Postcode Area - 12/07/2023

Service Outage - KA4, KA5, & KA6 Postcode Area

Service outage effecting some customers in the KA4, KA5 & KA6 postcode area, it is currently being investigated. Further updates to follow.

12th Jul 2023
Emergency line tests KA7 Postcode Area

There will be emergency line tests on the network in the KA7 postcode area this morning. Some customers may experience a slower connection while this is completed. Our engineers will complete these checks as quickly as possible. 

29th May 2023
Scottish Power - Power cut KA4 & KA5

There is currently a Scottish power outage effecting KA4 & KA5 postcode areas, customers in this area will have no electricity. We believe Scottish power are working in the area, we will keep checking for any updates.

10th Apr 2023
Issues with video streaming apps

We have had reports of some customers experiencing issues with Amazon and BBC iplayer, we are currently investigating this with our supplier.

27th Mar 2023
Overdue and late payments

Overdue and late payments We understand that payment issues can arise, and some customers may be in a position where they are struggling to pay their bills. However, it is vital that you contact us to discuss any overdue or late payments as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary fees. We remind customers that the contract with Speednet is a 30 ... Read More »

31st Jan 2023
Speednet - Tips for improving your internal WiFi connection

Did you know that where you put your wifi router in your home can affect the quality of your internet service? Wifi Router - Do's and Don'tsDon't place the router next to thick walls store them in cupboards or drawers place them behind other household items or ornaments place them next to windows (if your router is right next to a window it ... Read More »

24th Jan 2023
Reporting intermittent internet connection

This morning we have received reports from some customers advising that they are experiencing an intermittent internet connection. Some customers have advised that they can connect to the internet however there is either no service or the service is slow. Our engineers are currently investigating this. If you are experiencing a similar issues ... Read More »

13th Jan 2023
27/12/2022 Service outage

There is currently a service outage impacting some of our customers. This issue is at one of the main fibre connections. We are therefore liasing directly with our suppliers and will provide an update from Openreach when we can.14:30 We are still awaiting a full update from Openreach and are currently chasing this with our supplier. Openreach are ... Read More »

27th Dec 2022
KA7 post code area update

10/12/2022 Our service is transmitting to Craig Tara, however we have identified a number of small power outages throughout the week and believe that this is due to work being carried out at the park. We are continuing to monitor the connection and service.13/12/2022 - We are again seeing small outages on the park. Please note that this is not a ... Read More »

13th Dec 2022