Speednet Group - Residential payments invoiced from Speednet Scotland LTD

Currently all our residential customers receive a monthly invoice from Speednet Networks LTD, however in the coming months, this will change to Speednet Scotland LTD. If you pay by direct debit you may notice that the company name on your direct debit has changed from Speednet Networks LTD to Speednet Scotland LTD. Please note that there will be ... Read More »

24th Aug 2021
Speednet Top Tips - Your Wifi router

Did you know that where you put your wifi router in your home can affect the quality of your internet service? Wifi Router - Do's and Don'tsDon't place the router next to thick walls store them in cupboards or drawers place them behind other household items or ornaments place them next to windows (if your router is right next to a window it ... Read More »

8th Jul 2021
Speednet Group - Service Outage Alert - Fri 25/09/2020 AM

Good Morning,This is in announcement to advise there will be a Service outage on Friday 25/09/2020 between 09:30am and 12pm.There is maintainance that need to be carried out at the main mast.Our engineers will complete works as quick and safely as they can.If you are working from home please note service will be lost during these times tomorrow.We ... Read More »

24th Sep 2020

Speednet Group Update to Customers As comfort to our customers we would like to provide the following information Our Core service has been heavily invested in over the past few years and is more than capable Of providing fast reliable services to our customers during this time.   If there is a temporary need for increased speed due to the ... Read More »

19th Mar 2020